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If you've ever tried your hand at procuring smoked meats, you know that you're in business only as long as your "coals are live." No matter what circumstance, or chilly wind may blow you're going to pull some great BBQ from the ashes. This site, is an ode to wood-fired cooking and enjoying the low & slow lifestyle that barbeque insists upon.

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Weekly Menu

  • Brisket

    The quintessential Texas centerpiece for any family dinner…

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  • Double Smoked Holiday Ham

    It's your holiday ham centerpiece, w/ plenty of leftovers…

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  • Burnt Ends

    From KC with love, our signature smoky treat, our go-to,…

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  • Pork Ribs

    Oh, what pure joy to have a whole slab of ribs all to…

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  • Smoked Turkey

    Our everyday-que ALL-TIME favorite. All-natural, fresh…

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  • Pulled Pork

    Whole bone-in, heritage Duroc pork butt, perfect for…

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  • Live Coals Spicy Sauce

    Small-batch, original recipe Live Coals BBQ sauce.

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  • Housemade Dill Pickles

    Crispy housemade dill pickles. Perfect companion to Burnt…

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Smoke On

5 Essential Tools to Get You Started

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  • Tunes

    Canyon Jams Playlist

    Inspired by our fam­i­ly Palo Duro State Park adven­tures, Octo­ber 2020. A lit­tle some­thing to get you head­ed hard charg­ing down the road,…

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  • Tunes

    Maple Avenue Mornings

    Cou­ple years back when I was open­ing up 18th & Vine, my morn­ing rou­tine was always mixed BBQ bag. Open­ing that kitchen ser­vice door…

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  • Provisions

    Boulevard Brewing Co. Rye-on-Rye

    More than any oth­er bot­tle, it seems that Boule­vard’s Rye-on-Rye has been on my friend gift list” for sev­er­al years run­ning. Yeah, so…

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The Good List

What we are watching, reading, and listening to this month.

  • Drinking

    Freaky Deaky

    Oak Highlands

  • Listening

    Letter To You

    Bruce Springsteen

  • Reading

    Empire of the Summer Moon

    S.C Gwynne

  • Watching

    The Circus